How do books by R. L. Stine such as the Goosebumps series diverge from those written by Stephen King — if both authors scare their audiences?

Hint: He wasn’t drinking a $10 Latte Macchiato at Starbucks.

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As an anesthesiologist, these were my worries before taking the vaccine

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Hint: I wrote about something I do know.

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And how you can do it too.

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Read this if you want to contribute to the publication.

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No, not even Hemingway did it.

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Or: How to Launch a Book Like an Amateur in 5 Unprofessional Steps

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Even if you don’t have time — and we both know you have.

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After so many books read in this period, these are the words that touched me the most.

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Morton Newberry

Interactive fiction and horror writer based in Germany. Check out The Vampire Regent:

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